The bakery around the world



As mentioned before and maybe, in this case more than ever, the bakery becomes “cultural route” between the flavors, the ambience and atmosphere of the world.

“Try a recipe for a Sachertorte, it doesn’t mean only making one of the most famous cakes in the world, but it also means to imagine yourself in an exclusive Viennese coffee house a few steps from the Danube, and breathe that very special atmosphere, thanks to the stories and novels that we have read since the time of the school. ” (Giovanni Pina-President of the Academy of Italian Master Confectioners)

Through the bakery we can use what we call the “contamination” and create more and more special and sophisticated creations, while renewing our superb Italian confectionery tradition.

Our journey begins with a look over central and northern Italy that includes the specialties of all the states of central Europe, in parts of Eastern Europe and some northern states: intense flavors that gave the world famous cakes as Sachertorte, precisely, and Apfelstrudel.

Then move on to southern Europe and the distinctive characters of France, Spain, Portugal and Greece: a mosaic of flavors ranging from French pastries with his soufflé up to the typical Mediterranean Spain.

Next, an overview of the tradition of the Anglo-Saxon countries with the recipes of Great Britain, Ireland, and North America.

We will discover traditional classics such as apple pie, plum cake, cheese cake, pies, brownies.

Finally, we will conclude our “sweet” journey into the more distant bakery worlds, like the African, South American and Eastern Europe, full of exotic ingredients.

So, let’s dive together to discover the Cakes from the World!

Ylenia & Anna



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